Mark Halpern collection

Last revised October 22, 2006 by Paul McJones.


The collection includes a set of manuals, technical reports, preprints and reprints, and ephemera collected by Halpern during his career as a computer programmer starting at IBM in 1957. There are also copies of some published works, correspondence, and notes by Halpern. Although some of those have been removed for study by Halpern, he would be willing to return the originals to the collection. (In the listings below, these items are marked "[Removed by Halpern.]".)

The collection as originally offered to the Computer History Museum constituted 15 boxes totaling about 17 linear feet – see this version of the catalog: catalog-2006.08.22.html. The Museum accepted the majority of the items, but rejected a portion. This version of the catalog has been edited to remove the items not accepted. The box numbers do not necessarily represent the current locations of the items in the Museum's archive, but correspond to the location when donated.

Halpern's contact information is:

Mark Halpern

The manuals include:

The reports, preprints, and reprints include a variety of subjects including:

There are a number of copies of proceedings from a variety of conferences: ACM national meetings, AFIPS, IFIP, military computing, internal IBM programming symposia, etc.

There are two copies of a 9-track magnetic tape from an IBM VM/370 system containing files documenting a system that Halpern worked on in the 1970s.

An interesting ephemeral item is a wooden clothes hanger from The Langdon Hotel, which played a role in Backus's original Fortran project.

Box 1

Reference cards

Bulletins, manuals

Software - third-party

Articles, papers, reports

Memos from IBM Programming Research Group, 1957




 [All items in this subsection removed by Halpern.]


Box 2

Notebook labeled "Compiler Theory"

Notebook labeled "Monitors and Operating Systems"

Notebook labeled "Syntax-Driven Things"

Notebook labeled "List Processing"

Notebook labeled "Primitives"

Notebook labeled "IPL-V"

Box 3

Notebook: 704 programming course materials

Notebook labeled "7090 IOCS / IBJOB"

Notebook labeled "7090 Fort IV FAP / MAP"

See also boxes 6 and 9.

Box 4

Box 5

Notebook labeled "Chris Shaw's stuff"

Notebook labeled "Ed Lowry's Compiler"

Box 6

Artificial Intelligence

Command and control

Computational linguistics

Publications by Mark Halpern

Programming languages


Box 7

Notebook labeled "JOVIAL"

Notebook labeled "Studies in Data structures"

Notebook labeled "NSA"

See also TEMAC items by Mary D'Imperio in Box 6.

Notebook labeled "Pascal"

Notebook labeled "Modula-2"

Box 8

Box 9

Notebook labeled "Macros [Processors and Uses] I"

Notebook labeled "Macros [Processors and Uses] II"

Notebook labeled "Macros [Processors and Uses] III"

Notebook labeled "Macros [Processors and Uses] IV"

Other macro

Notebook labeled "Debugging Systems and Tools"

Other debugging


Box 10

Notebook labeled "Salary Data and Surveys"

Other salary data

Notebook labeled "Tymshare Policies and Procedures Manual"

IBM Document Composition Facility


Machine translation

See also Box 2, Notebook labeled "Syntax-Driven Things".

Machine Oriented Languages Bulletin

Three-ring binder containing:

Notebook labeled "COMIT, SNOBOL, NELIAC"




Box 11

Algol Bulletins

Numbers 1-31, in two three-ring binders labeled 1-20 and 21-. Halpern was a subscriber for most or all of this period.

Notebook labeled "Algol"

Notebook labeled "Fortran Vol. I[?]"

Notebook labeled "Fortran Vol. II[?]"

Additional Fortran item

Box 12

Notebook labeled "Barnett's SHADOW and related programs"

SSMTG = Solid State and Molecular Theory Group (from Programming Note Number 29, below).


IBM System/360 manuals [see also Box 4]

Notebook labeled "Sprint 8" (Fairchild Systems Technology)

Notebook labeled "Software" (more Sprint 8 documents)

Envelope from E.F. Codd to Mark Halpern postmarked June 27, 1974

Halpern was employed by Tymshare, at 10231 Bubb Road, Cupertino, California.

NLS manuals

Box 13

Annual Review in Automatic Programming

Halpern was co-editor (first with Christopher J. Shaw of SDC, later Bill McGee of IBM) of the Annual Review in Automatic Programming for three volumes, in 1969, 1971, and 1974. See also box 15 for a set of copies of the journal.

Box 14

Early personal computer items

Box 15

Notebook labeled "UNCOL"

7090 Programmer's Manual, Bell Telephone Laboratories

Standards bodies

Miscellaneous manuals, memos, papers, reports, journals

Annual Review in Automatic Programming

See also box 13 for papers from Halpern's time as co-editor. Several issues, including:


Magnetic Tapes (10" reel, 0.5 inch tape - 9 track?)