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Pat Selinger: Informix.

Jim Gray: Informix. I don't know much about Informix; I don't know what their history is, so I think I won't say much. Does anybody know any Informix history?

Tom Price: The only thing I've heard is it's rumored that their latest product is really quite good.

Jim Gray: It is. I actually know about their current products. I don't know about the history of it. I do know that when Tandem was remarketing a UNIX box, they went over and, I don't know, maybe Don [Slutz] was one of the people who went over and talked to the Informix guys.

Tom Price: I was part of that.

Jim Gray: You were? When you went, the rumors that came back were that they were not very informed about how to actually do things.

Tom Price: Yes, for instance they didn't know how to do record locking, so Franco told them something about it, and they apparently went off and did it. [laughter]

Mike Blasgen: Franco, raised in the IBM tradition where telling somebody how to do it poses no risks that they would actually do it. [laughter]

Jim Gray: We wanted the Informix guys to have a good product, because we were remarketing it. We were going to be reselling it, so we wanted it to be good. We thought it was our charter to help them out.

Mike Blasgen: Thank you all.

The end

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