Ancestors and Descendants of Horatio and Cyntha PraterAlice Moss's book

In September 1993, Alice Moss self-published the book Ancestors and Descendants of Horatio and Cyntha Prater, consisting of a family history that she wrote, plus genealogical information and a large number of newspaper clippings about family members. The first printing was 100 numbered copies. In order to make it available to more family members, I've created new electronic and print-on-demand versions, with permission from Alice Moss's sons James Horatio Moss and John Barthol Moss.

Electronic version

You can download an electronic version of Alice's book here. It's a PDF file that should be readable on a personal computer, iPad, or tablet. The file is large (37 MB), so be patient while it downloads. This version is searchable, although the search text was created automatically via OCR (Optical Character Recognition), so isn't always accurate.

Print version

If you'd like a physical copy, you can order one here via The price (set by, with no markup by me) is $18.57 plus shipping. The shipping for one copy is $4.94, but the shipping is cheaper for multiple copies to the same address. Unfortunately the reproduction of photographs is poorer than in the original, but the text is quite clear.

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