Never Look BackNever Look Back

In 1988, George Fowler's children self-published his book Never Look Back, consisting of a family history about his parents coming to western Kansas in 1885. In order to make it available to more family members, I've created new electronic and print-on-demand versions, and added three new appendices: (i) a story about the family: "The Mystery of the Sleeping Doll"; (ii) a short biography of George's grandfather, also named George Fowler; (iii) a genealogy of the family.

Electronic version

You can download an electronic version of George's book here. It's a searchable PDF file that is readable on a personal computer, iPad, or tablet.

Print version

If you'd like a physical copy, you can order one here via The price (set by, with no markup by me) is $4.36 plus shipping.

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