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Dick Sites; the ‘Tome’

In a response to Software Collection Committee chairman Bernard L. Peuto’s request for suggestions for “10 software preservation candidates for testing our processes”, Dick Sites mentioned: I once saw and read part of the original handwritten Fortran I documentation in … Continue reading

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Jim King

I was chatting with Jim King at lunch about John Backus and the Fortran compiler (Jim worked at IBM Research for many years). Jim used Fortran (II?) and Fortran Monitor System on an IBM 709 in college in the early … Continue reading

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The Smithsonian

Based on Irv Ziller’s recollection that historic Fortran materials had been sent to the Smithsonian Institution, I looked at their web site and found this page describing the Division of Information Technology & Society, which is part of the National … Continue reading

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Irv Ziller

Irv Ziller, who was the first person to join John Backus on the Fortran team, responded to my inquiry regarding the source code for the original Fortran compiler by saying, “I do not have the source code, however I recall … Continue reading

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John Backus

John Backus initiated and led the project that designed and implemented Fortran, the first high-level programming language. I hadn’t talked to John for many years*, but tonight I called him up to say hello, and to see if he had … Continue reading

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